Numbo Call Blocker: Stop Unwanted Calls
Get rid of spam forever!


How does Numbo work?

When someone calls you, Numbo compares that number to our spam database.
It will then identify and/or block robocalls, telemarketing and spam numbers.

How to correctly set up Numbo?

After installing Numbo open the app and follow the instructions.
Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification > enable Numbo

Can I block specific numbers?

Yes! When you look up a number you can add it to the blacklist directly from the search results page.

You can also go to your call log > number information > share number > Numbo > add to blacklist.

Your 3rd option is to open Numbo, go to blacklist, and click on "add to blacklist".
Type in the number you wish to block. You can decide to add this number to the public
database by making sure the "Share with community" option is ON. Adjust the settings and save.

What happens when a blocked number calls me?

You won't notice any signs of an incoming call at all.
The spam caller will hear a tone of a rejected call and the connection will be terminated.

What do I get with the premium subscription?

By subscribing you will get access to daily updates of the number database.
Your database will also be updated regularly. The app will also be ad-free.